Minecraft Snapshot 12w49a

The latest snapshot for our favorite game was recently released by Mojang. Called 12w49a, this snapshot adds a number of exciting features to the game, including Enchanted Books, Firework Rockets, and dozens of bug fixes.

This snapshot is a previous of Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5, which is expected to be released sometime before Christmas. So if you want to try out the newest patch before it gets released, snapshot 12w49a is your best (and only) way to do that.

Here are the notable changes that have been included in 12w49a:

-Firework Rocket has been added to the game, and sound effects are expected to be added at a later date

-An item called the Firework Star has also been added

-All Firework items can be customized through the crafting system, which means Minecraft players will be able to throw crazier holiday celebrations than ever before

-Nether Brick Slabs have been added to the game

-When holding the ‘sneak’ button, players can now place blocks and items on top of other blocks, like crafting tables. This allows players to put redstone, repeaters, levers, and other useful tools on top of blocks.

-Players can now customize the blast radius of fireballs shot by Ghasts using an editor

-Enchanted Books have been added to the game. These books are used to give specific enchantments to items.

Notable bug fixes:

-Previously, animals on fire would not flee. This has been fixed.

-Players can no longer drown in creative mode

-Fixed XP sound not playing every five levels

-Fixed jittery Minecraft carts and other screen-shaking errors

-Fixed Endermen not opening their mouths when being attacked by enemy mobs

-The Wither will no longer destroy its own star

-Minecraft will no longer auto-select the very first item on the toolbar when players enter the Nether

To download and install snapshot 12w49a today, click here to visit the official Mojang blog.

If you don’t want to mess around with the snapshot, you can wait until “before Christmas” to download the full 1.6 patch through the Minecraft client. With the snapshot update, Mojang also suggested that the 1.6 patch would be out in late January/early February.

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