Minecraft released for Raspberry Pi

If you use the popular ARM GNU/Linux box called Raspberry Pi, then you may have been disappointed by the lack of Minecraft functionality. However, at the recent Minecon in Paris, Mojang announced that it has developed a new edition of Minecraft specifically designed for Raspberry Pi.

That version will be called Minecraft: Pi Edition. It’s actually a port of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, so it’s a bit different from the full-featured game.

Minecraft: Pi Edition will have a few unique features that take advantage of the unique Raspberry Pi system. Mojang suggests that:

“The possibilities are massive. You could organise the cheapest LAN party of all time, or use the Pi to learn the fundamentals of programming on a miniscule budget. It’s like hackingyour way into Minecraft and modifying the game word with code.”

Mojang also claimed that the programming would be more accessible than it is on Linux and PC versions of Minecraft. Pi Edition features support for several different programming languages and users can code directly into Minecraft before they start playing.

Of course, those who don’t know how to code can jump right into the game without modifying it in any way. It’s totally up to you.

Oh, and best of all, Minecraft: Pi Edition will be available as a free download once it gets released.

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