Mojang Announces Augmented Reality Minecraft App Anybody Can Use to Add Minecraft Creations to The Real World

If you’ve ever played Minecraft for several hours and then walked around the ‘real world’, then your brain may have temporarily blended the two worlds together. Sure, planet Earth might not look like planet Minecraft, but that doesn’t mean you’re not tempted to swing your pickaxe at every block-shaped object you come across.

That’s why the new augmented reality app called Minecraft Reality is so cool. It blends the real world with Minecraft to create some truly amazing sights. How does it work? Well, the app uses the iPhone’s camera to monitor the surrounding environment. Then, you use the app to impose Minecraft blocks on the real world.

The changes you’ve made to the real world appear on your iPhone screen. You can move your iPhone around to see what you’ve created from every possible angle.

And instead of just adding Minecraft blocks to pictures and leaving it at that, the Minecraft Reality app allows you to physically walk around the environment you just created. You can build a massive tower in the middle of a nearby park, and then hold your iPhone up to virtually travel through the world you just created while physically walking around the park.

And for those who don’t want to spend time creating awe-inspiring structures, the Minecraft Reality app also comes with a number of pre-designed structures that can be placed anywhere you like. There’s an Arc De Triomphe-looking object, for example.

The app also features a useful ‘Share a Screenshot’ feature that you can use to show off your creations in all their glory. However, the screenshots are only 2D, and the changes you’ve made to the environment are 3D, so you’ll want to make sure friends have the app in order to get the full effect.

The changes you’ve made to the environment aren’t exclusively seen by you. They can also be seen by other people using the Minecraft Reality app. That’s right: you and the fellow citizens of your city can collectively transform your entire city.

If Minecraft Reality sounds like fun to you, then buy it from the Apple App Store today for $1.99.

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