Minecraft Reaches 8 Million Sales on PC, Notch releases secret code

Minecraft reached a massive milestone today – Mojang.com announced that our favorite block-building game has sold an astounding 8 million copies on PC.

Sure, Minecraft has a long ways to go before reaching the sales figures of popular PC games like the Sims or Half-Life 2, but that 8 million sales mark places it in the list of top 10 PC games ever made, just 1.3 million behind Half-Life for 7th spot on the list.

Viewed from a different perspective, Minecraft has sold more copies than Myst, Counter-Strike, and Diablo II.

But the news about the 8 million sale milestone was overshadowed by a cryptic message released by Notch following the release. That message simply stated:


Although it took the internet a few hours, the code was finally cracked. The solution to the code (and its explanation) can be found here. Or, for a simpler explanation, just look at this picture. It somehow works out to:

♥0x10c X.7Z M0NTAUK

Which has something to do with a top-secret game development project underway at Mojang.

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