Minecraft Pretty Scary Update 1.4.2 Released

Ladies and gentlemen, today is the day Minecraft gets a huge new update. Today, the Minecraft “Pretty
Scary Update” gets released. Also known as Minecraft 1.4.2, this update will add a bunch of new
features and bug fixes into the game.

The official Mojang website listed some of the most important features that have been added into this
Halloween-themed patch. The features are separated into “Pretty” and “Scary” categories.

Pretty features:

-Mojang has added beacons into the game. Use these beacons to light up a castle or make structures
look more magnificent than ever before.

-Tell pigs where to go by dangling a carrot on a stick in front of them.

-Frames and flower pots have been added, giving players a range of new home customization options.

-Potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin pies have been added to give the patch a Halloween/Thanksgiving

-Anvils will now allow players to repair weapons

Scary features:

-New mobs called Withers and Wither Skeletons will now haunt players as they move around the map.

-A zombie infection has been added into the game

-Bats and witches will chirp and throw potions at players as they fly around.

-Monster AI has been improved and mobs will now have a full inventory system. Mojang promises that
mobs will even pick up weapons that you drop after you die, so next time you encounter that mob, you
could be killed with your own weapon.

The patch also contains the usual range of bug fixes and performance optimization tweaks. A severe
memory leak error was also patched, so if you’ve been noticing sudden performance problems with
Minecraft, then the Minecraft 1.4.2 update might help.

In any case, you can download Minecraft 1.4.2 from the launcher now if you haven’t already done so.

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