Minecraft Pre-release – 1.8.1 update 4

This week, Mojang announced the 4th pre-release for Minecraft version 1.8.1.

Since Minecraft 1.8 had been released, people were turned off because of the number of bugs present and a lot of performance issues, but Mojang quickly followed it with the promise of Minecraft 1.8.1.

Pre-releases are like early beta access to the new version. By trying a pre-release snapshot you are expected to report bugs to the official bug tracker – and not complain about it. The more the community helps, the faster the next official update will be for everyone.

The first pre-release was, as expected, filled with bugs. the following pre-release updates squashed a number of bugs.


This particular update fixed the following:

  • –  Villagers trading mismatch
  • – Air blocks floating in Water (!!)
  • – Anvil messing up long item names.
  • – Item duplication glitch in multiplayer
  • – Ghost/ dummy  player in multiplayer
  • – Funny chunk render in third person mode
  • – and many more.


MC 1.8.1


Playing with SNAPSHOTs or Pre-release Versions

In order to try the latest Snapshot, you have to do the following steps with your Minecraft launcher.

  1.  Open up your Minecraft Launcher
  2. Once the launcher UI is opened, choose to create a new profile
  3. Input the profile name (preferably something with “SNAPSHOT” to avoid confusion)
  4. On the version selection, click “Enable experimental development versions (“snapshots”)”
  5. A new window will open with written warning and notice – asking you if you want to continue. Press “Yes”
  6. Hit Save Profile. Use the recently-created profile and try to play the game normally – bugs will be expected.


Mojang is Now Officially a Microsoft Property

On the same day, Microsoft formally announced their ownership of our beloved game. The announcement marked and finalized the deal between two companies. What will happen to Minecraft and all other Mojang games? Nobody really knows, but hopefully it’s for the best. The official announcement can be found here. And yes, there is a lot of “Don’t Screw This Up” comments… but that goes to show how concerned the Mojang community is.


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