Minecraft Pocket Edition Will Soon Be Updated to 0.5.0

If you can’t get enough of Minecraft on your Xbox 360 or computer, then you may have downloaded Minecraft Pocket Edition, the affordably priced (and even free) version of Minecraft for iPhone and Android.

Minecraft Pocket Edition users received good news today: PE would soon be updated to version 0.5.0. Mojang announced that the update was just submitted for review and that it could begin to roll out in mid to late November.

The 0.5.0 update includes a number of new features that aim to bring Pocket Edition up to the level of quality that computer and Xbox 360 users have come to expect. Those features include:

-Nether reactors


-Zombie pigmen

-Mushroom farming



And, like any Minecraft update, the 0.5.0 update features a wide range of tweaks and bug fixes. Notable tweaks include:

-Hearts are now restored while sleeping in bed

-Food restores more health than before

-Fog is slightly less obstructive, which means players can see farther in foggy environments

-Getting out of bed is easier

Meanwhile, bug fixes include a number of issues involving errors loading saved games, animals not respawning in maps, item usage, and other problems reported by the Minecraft community and development team alike.

A complete list of bug fixes can be found here

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