Minecraft Pocket Edition Hit A New Milestone and More!

Last week, Minecraft Pocket Edition (or more commonly known as MC:PE (MCPE) achieved a new Milestone!

MC:PE hit a massive 30 Million sales across Android and iOS platforms. This was far more than Minecraft PC edition that had just hit 18 million copies sold the past holiday. This was because even though Minecraft PC was released years before Minecraft Pocket Edition, the Pocket Edition is more cheap, has more players, and is more convenient.

Cracked version of Minecraft PC was also part of the reason why. Unfortunately, “cracked clients” aren’t new to MCPE as well, but luckily it didn’t affect the 30 million sold copies!

Mojang also featured some funny facts about the 30 million number: being bigger than Texas, 23 times hotter than the sun in summer time, and so much more.

To celebrate the new sales Milestone of MCPE, the Reddit community made a question and answer session with the Minecraft developers that was broadcasted LIVE on the in the internet back on January 16 – with the community to supply the questions.

Community Creations

Last week, more community creations were featured. The one in particular is the Room lighting synched to Minecraft’s in-game time which is absolutely gorgeous and probably a new kind of addiction was born.

The room lighting uses the INSTEON switches with an ISY-994i brain and an in-game computercraft script that allows the exportation of the in-game time to real life file. Can you remake it? Well, here is a video that shows how cool it was.

The new mini game map called “Minevolution” with a simple yet very addicting gameplay of mining blocks has also been made popular.


This game is a mini game similar on other titles which have a very simple game concept of just mining a single infinite block. This mini game started only as an experiment of the efficiency enchantment and now turned into a crazy addicting madness – like flappy birds.

So how was your Minecraft week?

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