Minecraft PC Updated to Version 1.8.2

After many weeks of development and a few bugfix snapshots along the way, Minecraft version 1.8.2 has finally been released not too long ago.

The Minecraft client can be downloaded in the official launcher, and the server files can be downloaded from the Minecraft website download page.

Since Minecraft pre-release version 7 that was released just last week, there are only but a few changes to it including many bugfixes. Minecraft version 1.8.2 is also backwards compatible to Minecraft version 1.8 and 1.8.1.

It is recommended to update to version 1.8.2 to benefit many of its bug fixes.

This version has the following changes.

-New in-game statistics – details can be found here. these statistics will show how many times the player did certain thing including:

  • Cake Slices Eaten
  • Cauldrons Filled
  • Water Taken from Cauldron
  • Armor Pieces Cleaned
  • Banners Cleaned
  • Interactions with Brewing Stand
  • Interactions with Beacon
  • Droppers Searched
  • Hoppers Searched
  • Dispensers Searched
  • Noteblocks played
  • Noteblocks tuned
  • Plants potted
  • Trapped Chests Triggered
  • Ender Chests Opened
  • Items Enchanted
  • Records Played
  • Interactions with Furnace
  • Interactions with Crafting Table
  • Chests Opened

-Debug screen has also been changed with a lot of features including the ones that are already available on versions 1.8. (see here for details)

-New frame time graph is also available and can be accessed by pressing Alt+F3

-Spectator mode mob hostility fixed

-Changes in TNT making TNT explosion no longer direction-biased

-Oak and darkoak branches no longer replaces each other

-Beacons now ignore bedrocks above them

-Mobs spawning changes (ocelots and squids affected)

-Carrot on a stick now removes enchantments

-A series of bugfixes including player marker now visible on parts that it weren’t, black arrows, and a whole lot more. See the whole bugfixes here.

This week, Notched also responded to a series of questions and criticism that he faced from the media. To quote Notch

“I kinda feel like I am, but I still feel like I made the right choice. I guess some things always come at a cost.” Notch was somewhat trapped by Minecraft’s success


The one-trick pony thing was hard to deal with. Matching the insane success of Minecraft would be impossible. I’m OK with it now.”

So how was your Minecraft week?

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