Minecraft Now Official Curriculum Material at Swedish School

If you’re reading this article, then Minecraft is probably one of your favorite video games. And like most of your favorite video games, you’re not supposed to play Minecraft at school.

But a school in Stockholm, Sweden has bucked the “no video games in classrooms” trend by making Minecraft compulsory for 13-year old students. Viktor Rydberg School says the Minecraft lessons have been a “great success” and that the school will “definitely do it again” in the near future.

The spokesperson also added the “some parents were initially troubled” by the school’s decision. But once they saw the educational benefits of playing Minecraft, they began to change their minds. Those educational benefits include spatial thinking and creativity skills. Students also avoid the strict rote and structure of a traditional classroom lesson – which means they tend to absorb more material.

Today’s educators are looking for a way to appeal to a new generation of students who spend most waking hours in front of a screen. Instead of relying on stuffy textbooks, why not give Minecraft a try?

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