Minecraft News – 18M Sales, Name Changes, and Awesome Creations

This week, Minecraft has reached a new sales Milestone as well as being filled with outstanding creations from the community.

The 18th Million Milestone

By the start of this week (around January 5), Minecraft reached one very big milestone, and that’s getting 18 million title sale across PC and Mac platforms alone! And even with this awesome Milestone, Minecraft shows no signs of stopping its domination of the gaming world.

On what started as an indie game, Minecraft has now reached 18 million sold copies of the game across two giant platforms (PC & Mac) with an approximate 17,500 game copies sold EVERY DAY! How crazy is that?

Add that to thousands, if not tens of thousands, of game copies being sold on minor platforms such as iOS and android everyday. Not to mention that they also have the PlayStation and Xbox platform to look over.

Name Changes Coming Soon

According to Kris Jelbring (one of the game’s developers), Minecraft profile name changes is coming in the near future. Although there are no date offered or any more information released, a teaser image can be seen here:


Although there have been numerous debate upon changing names or profile names in the game, this feature has been hinted and was announced for quite some time now. And before you even ask, no Herobrine name is not available, but if you could change your name to something else, what would it be?


Community Creations

Of course our community champions don’t want to get left behind in the spot light, this week marked the creation of some amazing and mind-boggling community creations. The two highlights are:

A working Word Processor created by Koala_Steamed that is basically a functional Notepad inside the Minecraft game that can print characters and load a file! yes that remarkable!

Another one is what seem to be an Optimus prime look-alike transformer that can transform between a robot form and vehicle form made completely in vanilla minecraft. Created by McMakistein, this amazing contraption uses only clever redstone wiring, armor stands, and lots and lots of brain juice.

That’s the highlight for this week! How was yours?






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