Minecraft Ender Dragon Destined to Change

Minecraft Developers plan to change the Ender Dragon!

A couple of days ago, one of Mojang’s dev Dinnerbone (the one with an inverted pic that will also make your animals inverted in game) announced that there will be changes to the Ender Dragon that should be available on Minecraft 1.9.

So what sort of changes?

Well, only a few details had been announced, but the fight itself is being reworked and should be in line close to the console version of minecraft with some special secret goodie that will keep us on the edge of our seats.

Dinnerbone also hinted everyone¬†that even if you have “finished” the game and killed the Ender Dragon in your world, a rematch would be possible without resetting the End. He also said, that he has “plans”… whatever it is, none of us know it yet but it should be implemented on 1.9.


Minecon? Will it still come?

Because of Microsoft buying out Mojang, there have been a lot of talk about Minecon not coming out this year. Fortunately, all the worries are for naught, since there is still a plan of of Minecon coming, so better keep your eyes and peeled.


Minecraft IRL?

Again!? well nope, this isn’t a bunch of Youtubers trying to “re-create” minecraft in real life, but rather a new gadget that Microsoft themselves invented – Introducing the HoloLens. A bit similar to the Oculus, the HoloLens is a visor that will stick holographic images in your field of view for an extra ordinary virtual reality. And among all the other things that were demonstrated on its use, showing the Minecraft environment was one of them – and the most amazing part, it is interactable! Now how cool would that be if that were to on sale on the nearest store?

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