Minecraft Boosted Microsoft’s Sales

For those of you who are wondering that spending 2 billion dollars for a blocky game for kids is insane, you might think again.

Last week, it was confirmed that Minecraft boosted Microsoft’s sales by $171 million US dollars. And that’s just a matter of 3 months (from October to December of 2014)! In years to come this number could double or triple every quarter… so 2 billion is that worth it investment after all.

Message from Mojang

Also, A few days back, Owen – a developer of Mojang, gave a message to the public regarding Minecraft server content and behavior.

Quote from Owen

There are many different types of servers, and we love almost all of them
Apart from Minecraft Realms (which is another way for players to enjoy a persistent world with friends), no servers are owned or run by us. They are independent and set up by many different types of people for many different reasons. Some are set up by fans of the game so they can play with their friends and family, some are created to make money, some are weird social experiments that we don’t really understand.

Many third-party Minecraft servers give our players innovative and interesting ways to play. And we’re thankful that they exist. Without them, Minecraft wouldn’t be as successful or diverse as it is today.

We’re not responsible for the way servers are operated
Having freedom to create awesome things and express yourself without boundaries is one of the things that makes Minecraft so great, but it can lead to content that some may deem inappropriate, or in people doing things we’re not too keen on. We’re not responsible for the content on third party servers.

These sites and servers are not run or governed by us and so long as they abide to our EULA and terms of use, we don’t have control over them. It’s a bit like YouTube – a video might be about Minecraft, but we don’t agree with everything that’s said in every upload. We’ve watched enough of them to understand how silly that would be.

We’re also not responsible for the way these servers take payments or store users’ credentials online. Just like making a purchase anywhere on the internet, it’s extremely important that you trust whoever you’re dealing with (in this case, a server host) before you hand over personal details or credit card information.

The internet can be a crazy place
It’s the responsibility of individual users or (in many cases) their parents / guardians, to track what Minecraft content is appropriate for specific users. That said, unmodded Minecraft for PC/Mac, the console versions, and Minecraft: Realms are our responsibility. We do our best to provide a safe, secure experience and keep things as fun as possible.

Community Creations

Last week, the community also created a new dimension filled with nothing but diamonds – all in vanilla Minecraft, check it out!



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