Minecraft 1.6 Horse Update Will Launch on July 1

We’ve known Minecraft 1.6 has been coming for quite some time. Today, Mojang finally pre-released Minecraft 1.6 in preparation for the full release of the patch on July 1, 2013.

Minecraft 1.6 is called the ‘Horse Update’ for a reason. It adds horses and a number of horse-related improvements to the game, giving Minecraft players more than just minecarts for traveling around their Minecraft world.

Here are some of the notable changes you can expect in Minecraft 1.6:

-Added a new launcher which can be downloaded here (you will need this new launcher in order to play Minecraft 1.6)

-Added horses

-Added donkeys and mules

-Added horse armor

-Added leads

-Added hardened clay and stained clay

-Added name tags (item)

-Added block of coal

-Added carpets

-Added hay bales

-Texture packs are now ‘resource packs’, with the main difference being that they can hold sound files and other custom data

-Food meter is now drained when healed by full food meter

-Removed Herobrine

You can view the full list of Minecraft 1.6 changes here. You’ll also find the prerelease available for download here.

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