Minecraft 1.4 Pre-Released!

Minecraft 1.4 got one stop closer to its full release today. The pre-release build of Minecraft 1.4 was
released to the public. Although the pre-release build is intended for server admins and mod makers, it
can be downloaded and installed by anybody.

For all intents and purposes, Minecraft 1.4 pre-release is the full version of Minecraft 1.4. Download
links for the pre-release build can be found at the official Mojang blog here.

Mojang has also made several minor tweaks to the pre-release version of 1.4 since yesterday’s
snapshot. The blog post specifically mentioned that Mojang had fixed sound effects problems for the
Wither, Ender Dragons, anvils, and bats. This version also contains dozens of other bug fixes that were
noticed as snapshots were released.

Minecraft 1.4.will be fully released to the public on October 24.

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