Minecraft 1.4.7 Pre-release, Full Release Expected Soon

The latest update to our favorite game is here. Minecraft 1.4.7  recently entered its pre-release phase, which means Minecraft users can manually download the update and install it.

1.6 is a relatively small patch. It fixes the following problems:

-Arrows fired from dispensers would sometimes result in a crash. This has been fixed.

-Fixed a multiplayer crash that occurred when players used fireworks without a fireworks star

-Fixed a long timeout error when checking SRV records

The good news about 1.6 for both modders and players is that the bytecode hasn’t been changed. That means mods that were updated to 1.4.6 have not been affected by the change, and all 1.4.6 clients can play on 1.6 servers and vice versa.

Mojang will push 1.6 to the Minecraft client on New Year’s Eve.

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