Minecraft 1.4.6 Update

Another Minecraft patch will be released sometime before Christmas. The 1.6 patch includes a number of minor upgrades and fixes along with one notable new feature – fireworks.

The patch has already been released in the form of Minecraft Snapshot 12w49a. Players can download and manually install that patch from the Mojang site. Or, they can wait a few days for the client-side patch to show up in their Minecraft client.

Here are the most important features that have been added since patch 1.4.5:

-Craftable fireworks system that adds Firework Rockets and Firework Stars into the game. Players can completely customize the color and style of their fireworks through the crafting interface.

-Nether brick slabs have been added to the game

-Enchanted Books can now be used by players to add enchantments to items

-Players can now place blocks while sneaking in order to drop certain blocks and items directly onto other blocks (like crafting tables)

-The blast radius of the fireballs that Ghasts shoot can now be customized using an editor

-A new unbreaking enchantment can be applied to all items with durability

-Silk Touch enchantment has been added to Shears in order to obtain cobwebs

-Dozens of error fixes, exploit patches, and other maintenance tasks

Mojang has officially said the 1.6 update will be released “Before Christmas”, and most suspect it to arrive between December 12th and December 20th.

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