Minecraft 1.4.5 Pre Release

Just two days after Minecraft 1.4.5 was officially released, Mojang announced that yet another patch update had entered its pre-release stage. That update, as you might expect, is called 1.6. Although it doesn’t add anything significant to Minecraft, it does fix a pretty serious error.

Apparently, some players who installed the 1.6 patch were having difficulty connecting to LAN servers. Minecraft was not assigning the correct IP addresses to players attempting to connect to LAN servers, and the 1.6 update alleviates that problem.

This patch also fixes two other minor errors and bugs that players had reported since the last patch.

The good news about this patch is that it will have a minimal impact on players. After updating to the 1.6 patch, clients (i.e. players) will still be able to play on servers running 1.6.

The 1.6 pre-release patch can be downloaded here from the official Mojang.com blog. It will be released to the launcher on Tuesday, November 20.

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