Minecraft 1.3 Update – August 1st

The Minecraft 1.3 update is just a few days away, and players are already getting excited about some of the new Minecraft 1.3 features. While the 1.3 update won’t be as major as past updates, it does feature a wide range of impressive changes and improvements.

Here are some of the most important changes players can expect in Minecraft 1.3:

-Better stability and performance: Minecraft has been optimized to reduce RAM and CPU usage and accelerate chunk loading, all of which should improve frames per second for PC players. In addition, single player mode now internally uses a multiplayer server, which decreases world saving intervals and should prevent lag spikes and other sudden changes in FPS.

-Cheat codes: Single player commands and cheat codes have been added. Players can now simply type / and then hit Tab to check out a list of various commands.

-LAN support: Friends on your Local Area Network can now join single player games with you.

-Demo mode: Don’t want to pay for premium Minecraft? The 1.3 update will feature a demo mode which lasts 5 game days per world

-Additional chat options: Players can now toggle chat colors, customize how opaque the chat window is, and rebind the chat command key

-Improved F3 functions: F3 has been made much more useful for players. In F3 mode, coordinates are now truncated to 5 fractional digits and frame rendering has been removed. In addition, there are three new values players can use to interpret data – walking speed, flying speed, and Boolean value

-New ‘Adventure’ mode: Minecraft 1.3 adds a new Adventure mode into the game. Using this game mod, players can only use commands. Players cannot build or destroy anything around them, and they can only interact with mobs and the environment.

-Trading feature: Players can now trade with villagers. Emerald will be used as a currency, and players now have three trading options – buying, selling, and enchanting. This will give players access to previously unattainable enchantments and armor.

-Improved inventory for Creative mode: The inventory for creative mode has been noticeably improved. Players can now create custom tabs for any items and blocks. Players can also search their inventory using a chat box.

-Better experience points collection: Experience now drops from certain types of ore, and taking smelted items out of a furnace will now give players a certain amount of XP. Players will also receive XP when destroying mob spawners. XP progression between levels has also been slightly changed.

-Better enchanting system: Enchanting will now be easier for players to level up and improve

-Editable books: Players can now write in books, making it easy to remember recipes or any other information. Simply right click on a book to edit up to 50 pages.

-Improved world generation: A number of changes have been made to World Generation. Sub-biome type mountains now appear taller, like Desert Hills and Ice Mountains. In addition, new items called cocoa beans now appear on many jungle trees. More importantly, there is a new large biomes world type which significantly increases size of biomes. From the World Generation screen, players can now add desert villages and desert temples, as well as jungle temples.

New items and blocks: There are a number of new items in Minecraft 1.3, including emeralds (used to trade with the villagers), emerald ore, blocks of emerald, ender chests, tripwire hooks, string, furnaces, ice, glass panes, nether portals, slabs, stairs, leaves, cauldrons, dispensers, gravel, and other new and improved items.

Faster mine carts: When sitting down in a mine cart, the cart will now speed up. And, after getting off the mine cart, players will be moved away from the cart as opposed to staying inside it.

Minor mob changes: Some slight changes have been made to various mobs. Pigs now drop between 1-3 meat, and creepers and spiders will attack the last mob or player that hit them, as opposed to the first mob or player that hit them.

-Bug and glitch fixes: Just like any update, Minecraft 1.3 will fix annoying Minecraft glitches and errors. A number of improvements have been made to both multiplayer and single player in terms of error support.

Minecraft 1.3 Release Date

Minecraft 1.3 will be released on August 1, 2012. A 1.3 account system update will be automatically rolled out for players on July 25, 2012.

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