Minecraft 1.3.1 Update and MineCon 2012!

Hey guys! New news editor Potential, bringing you the latest news on Minecraft!

Minecraft 1.3.1 Update

Earlier this week update 1.3.1 was released for minecraft, and a day later for some reason so was weekly snapshot 12w32a. The content borders of 1.3.1 contained alot of item add-ins and mob changes.

Creepers, these sly devils are now equipped with new knockback, and now have different damage effect according to difficulty.

Signs and buckets are now stackable up to 16, and signs are crafted into 3s now.

Pigs drop 1-3 porkchops now…. yummy!

Minecarts go faster when sat in for unknown reasons, Nether Warts grow in the overworld and the End now, Cocoa beans can be found in the jungle, and levers can be placed upside down on blocks.

Put your alchemy sets outside, because when it rains, cauldrons will now fill up when it rains, saving you all those trips to the beach, and  water will now drip through leaves.

Dispensers, these babys had a big update. Dispensers can now place minecarts or boats if there is the appropriate surface in place, and also, if you put buckets of lava or water in them, they will place said liquid!  Or, if you have a empty bucket, it will suck in the block into the bucket. This will be great for adventure maps, sadly you can’t place dispensers upside down.

Wood logs can be placed sideways now. Yay.

Tripwires! Made almost purposely for adventure maps, these babies give off a redstone charge, and they are alot less noticable than string, if you hide the hooks.

Enderchest, this special chest made of obsidian and 1 ender eye is a real helping hand. Instead of just placing your items in a chest and coming back later, make two and take one with you down in the mine. The enderchest will keepsake your items, storing them in the End for you to reach into and pull right out.

Emeralds, obtainable by mining them or getting them from trades with villagers, these are items that have no real use yet, but in the next update, they are used to… oh forget it go look for yourself.

There are also now jungle temples and desert temples, boobytrapped and all.

And, last but not least, LAN play! You can now play locally with your friends lag-free-somewhat! Instead of having to host a server on your not so well computer when your buddies are over, you can now play over local signals!

You can see further details to the update at the Minecraft Wiki: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Version_history#1.6

Now, on to

Minecon 2012

Minecon 2012 is going to be held in Paris, France! Yes, Notch did not want to waste money buying tickets for the whole mojang team to go to america again, so Notch chose Paris instead. Sorry America, unless you can afford tickets to France, then you are out of luck.
Lazy, Lazy Notch.

Well, that is this weeks news on Minecraft, Potential signing off.

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