Mine & Blade Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

Mine & Blade introduces a medieval weapons and armor system into the Minecraft world. After installing this mod, players will have an inventory system that looks like a traditional medieval RPG. There are slots for armor, weapons, and shields, for example, as well as a number of off-hand slots that will be displayed on the player when not in use.

Players can switch between weapons simply by pressing the scroll wheel – an action that will be familiar to many RPG players. Players can hold a sword in one hand while their war axe is sheathed against their leg. This can be seen when zooming out into 3rd person view.

The new inventory and equipment system is just one improvement made to Mine & Blade. There are also a number of exciting new weapons that have been added into the game, including five different types of war axes (made from wood, stone, iron, diamond, and gold) as well as maces, quarterstaves, and spears.

Each weapon has unique perks. The war axe has a chance to cause 150% damage to any mod it hits, and it has a cool effect to indicate when a critical hit has landed – red sparks fly form the mob. Since the diamond war axe causes 3.5 hearts’ worth of damage, the war axe is a seriously lethal weapon.

The mace, meanwhile, has a chance to stun mobs for up to 3-seconds, and blue sparks fly out of mobs that have been stunned. The quarterstaff and spear have less power than a sword, but they have increased range.

There is also a new shield system in Mine & Blade 1.6. Players can craft shields out of wood, leather, iron, gold, or diamond, and players can even paint their shields after they’ve been created. After equipping a shield, players can block damage (which prevents other mobs from causing damage to the front of the player), and they can also perform a shield bash attack to knock back enemies. Players can even enchant their shields to protect themselves from fire, blast, projectile, or normal damage.

The Mine & Blade mod’s creator has taken the time to add unique designs to each set of armor. Differently colored dyes make different designs on each set of armor, and players can change the appearance of their character in a number of different ways.

Ultimately, Mine & Blade allows players to customize their characters in a number of new and exciting ways. If you’ve ever wanted to add a medieval theme to the Minecraft world, then you’ll like Mine & Blade 1.6.

How to Install Mine & Blade Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

Step 1) Download and install Minecraft Forge, Player API, and Render Player API

Step 2) Download the latest version of Mine & Blade 1.6 from its official forum thread

Step 3) Place the Mine & Blade .zip file directly into the mods directory in .minecraft

Step 4) Start playing and enjoy!

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