Mindcrack 24 Hour Extra Life Minecraft Marathon

Good morning, fellow Minecrafters!  If you have yet to hear about it and are catching this post some time before 10:00 AM, you are in luck – Mindcrack, a well-known group of gamers in the Minecraft verse, is going to be playing the game we all know and love live on Twitch.tv for 24 hours straight.


Why?  Simple – to raise money for Extra Life.  In case you have not heard of Extra Life, it is a charity that many gamers have donated to by simply playing games live and having viewers watch and/or donate themselves.  These donations go towards helping to fund research for cures and treatments for children with life threatening or disabling diseases.


Viewers who donate may receive prizes from one of Mindcrack’s many sponsors, such as Mojang, J!NX, or LootCrate.


I will definitely be watching, at least for a little while – mostly because my favorite Minecrafter (SethBling) will be partaking in the events.  Easily the most interesting event on the schedule is the Hunger Games tournament, in which viewers can donate money to send items to players in-game, just like in the real Hunger Games series.  Pretty awesome!  I really hope some great meta-play happens with sponsors.


Since the streaming starts in a couple of hours, I’m going to cut this short and leave you with a quick rundown of what to expect, copied from the schedule.  Be sure to tune in to Mindcrack’s Twitch channel, enjoy the show, and help restore joy to kids all over the world!  Even if you don’t donate, simply viewing helps the cause.  See you there!


Mindcrack 24 Hour Extra Life Minecraft Marathon Schedule


All times are in EDT (-5:00).  For quick reference, if you are in California all times are three hours ahead of you.  Streaming has probably already started if you are reading this and live on the west coast of the United States, so head over there now!


10:00 am – Intro/Schedules/Set Up

    Participants: Aureylian, Guude


11:00 am – Building Game, Round 1

    Participants: Chad, Coe, Guude, Millbee, Nebris, Pause, Pyro


12:00 pm – Building Game, Round 2

    Participants: Aurey, Baj, Blue, Chad, Coe, Pause, SethBling


1:00 pm – UHC #ForTheKids

    Participants: See the Extra Life page for details


4:00 pm – Mindcrack SMP

    Participants: AnderZel, Pause, Guude


6:00 pm – MiniGames

    Participants: Baj, DireDwarf, Guude, Pause


8:00 pm – Mario Kart 8

    Participants: Coe, Millbee, Pause, Pyro


11:00 pm – Waking Up (Super Hostile)

    Participants: Aureylian, Vechs


1:00 am – Speedruns (Mario)

    Participants: SethBling


3:00 am – GMOD

    Participants: Chad, Coe, Guude, Pause


5:00 am – Mindcrack SMP

    Participants: GenerikB, Guude, Pause


10:00 am – Closing!

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