Mewza Frieztwo Skin

Ready for something bizarre?  It’s time to meet the Mewza Frieztwo skin from taterman88.  Toting a Bob Ross avatar and a healthy meme knowledge, this skinner is a force to be reckoned with.




This skin is a fusion between Mewtwo from Pokemon and Frieza from Dragonball Z.  Thematically, it actually fits together nicely – both are sociopathic overpowered murderers.  Apparently, this cross-series fusion is not new to the skinning landscape, which is as awesome as it is scary.


Aside from being a great idea in general, this skin is quite well done.  Its shading gives a very rounded feel to the model, which is entirely appropriate for both of the characters it draws from.


mf01 mf02


It is quite detailed as well, and does not lose the feel of Mewtwo or Frieza in melding the two.  However, I do have one gripe (and if you have been following this site for any period of time, you probably saw this coming): the tail.


I understand taterman88 was probably trying to capture Mewtwo’s essence by using its characteristic tail, but honestly it just isn’t working.  Visually, due to the shape of the model, it looks nothing like Mewtwo’s unique tail.  Maybe with more layering and creative use of shading, the tail portion could at least look more dimensional.


Other than that, this skin is great.  I award Mewza Frieztwo eight out of ten Gokmews (see what I did there?).


What other interesting fusions would you like to see?  Post your ideas in the comments, or show us some fusions that have already been done!

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