Memory Increase Tool for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

By default, Minecraft launches using only 1GB of RAM. That’s good for computers that are ten years old, but most of today’s PCs have 4GB of RAM or more.

That’s why the Memory Increase tool is such a popular tool for Minecraft players. This tool increases the amount of memory used by Minecraft. This can help solve the dreaded out of memory errors that players experience when using high definition texture packs. It also allows your PC to devote as many resources as possible to the game, which can lead to smoother gameplay.

This tool is recommended for 64 bit computers, not 32 bit computers. Those who have 32 bit PCs and at least 4GB of RAM should use the 1.25GB and 1.5GB files found in the Windows > Minecraft.exe Client .bat Files > 64 bit OS, 64 bit Java directory.

Here’s how this tool works:

-This tool is a simple batch file that can be used to launch Minecraft

-Instead of launching Minecraft with the default amount of specified memory (1GB), this batch file launches Minecraft with the amount listed in the file. This amount is set by the player.

-You can edit the batch file to use 1.5GB of RAM or 2GB of RAM (recommended), as well as higher amounts of RAM if necessary

You have to be careful when using this tool. Make sure you have enough RAM to allocate (that includes the RAM that is currently being used to run your PC’s background tasks). Ideally, you’ll have more than 6GB of RAM to use this tool. If you have 4GB, you really shouldn’t be using more than 1.5GB in the config settings.

You should also be sure to allocate RAM in MB, not GB. 1.5GB of RAM equals 1,536MB, while 2GB of RAM equals 2,048MB. With all of that information in mind, download this tool to solve memory problems and Minecraft slowdowns (it works with all versions of Minecraft).

How to use the Memory Increase Tool for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download the Memory Increase Tool from here

Step 2) Choose the appropriate file based on the amount of RAM you want to devote to Minecraft (absolutely do not choose the total amount of RAM you have in your system)

Step 3) Copy the correct batch file (.bat) into the same directory where Minecraft.exe is located

Step 4) Run the batch file when starting Minecraft from now on in order to automatically allocate more memory

Step 5) That’s it! You can make a shortcut of the batch file by right clicking on it. Then, place that shortcut on the desktop (or wherever your Minecraft launcher is located) in order to make accessing it as easy as possible

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