MCPE Developer Q & A and this week’s news

Can you believe it? Another week had just passed! And this time, more news for Minecraft Pocket Edition and a lot more community creations to be stunned about.

Earlier this week, Minecraft Developer Daniel Wustenhoff has been interviewed covering the upcoming Minecraft pocket Edition 0.11.

The discussed coming features for minecreaft pocket 0.11.0 are the implemented fishing mechanic similar to the one on PC, skins will be improvedĀ as well, and a lot of other things. Minecraft Developer Daniel Wustenhoff also promised to try and be more active on the community. The full interview of the developer can be viewed below.

Community Creations

Of course, Minecraft news won’t be complete without the community’s participation.

Last week on Minecraft’s Mythbuster was a all about ghasts… Can they shoot through half slabs? do they burn in lava or perhaps spawn in one? All about Ghast’s is tackled and answered in this amazing and incredibly detailed video.

Just a couple of hours ago, username CCHSCP, uploaded one stunning screenshot of a huge city created in Minecraft.

The city is very well detailed and has a reflection on the water. The city’s architectural design follow the classic cubic sky scrapers as well as the modern ones with varied curves. These Sky-scrapers features asymmetrical layouts and a lot of various screenshots taken by the owner.

If you want to play around in the world, a world save download was also made available for everyone to enjoy this wonderful creation.

If you want to view the entire album, you can visit it here.



Interestingly, the pictures are of high quality and the creations are stunning. Screenshots also have the shaders mod installed making the photos more realistic and gorgeous -worthy of being your next minecraft wall paper.


So how was your Minecraft week? Do you have any Minecraft project this month of March?




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