Massive Village Seed For Minecraft Pocket Edition v.0.9.0 Alpha

This week, our seed will feature a massive NPC village for Minecraft Pocket Edition v. 0.9.0 Alpha.

The Seed is:


Unlike other seeds, this seed features 3 NPC testificate villages spawning on top of each other! Yep, not “close to each other” but literally on top of each other.¬†As a result some building looks weird while other seems to be a merge.


On this seed, you will at the middle of a massive Savannah biome, facing a cute little Savannah tree. If your view distance is set to high you will see straight ahead an NPC house standing. If not, you can go ahead and walk a couple of distance to see the house.


If you look at it from above, you will see a massive village that looks very prosperous, however if you look at it closely, you will find 3 wells which indicate that is 3 villages overlapping each other.


Because of this, you can find some gravel above the roof of other houses, and gravel that cuts across farms. And just like normal villages, some roads lead to caves and some houses seem to float on top of water. Blacksmiths also has wonderful loot (apples, iron ingots, and emeralds) you can steal.


Regardless, the town (collectively speaking) itself is set on a nice and wide Savannah biome with great building potential.


Outside the town are also Savannah hills which look absolutely delightful and reminds me of the first Lion King movie.


At a distance, you will see rivers, oceans, deserts, awesome extreme hill biome, plains, and other biomes that altogether makes a descent seed.

Overall, even without the massive NPC village, this would still have been a wonderful seed, and if you count the village, then you’ll have one epic village seed for Minecraft Pocket that’s good for single player and multiplayer.


Did you find this seed wonderful? Let us know by leaving a comment below.



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