Major Update, Very Scary Update! 1.6 Coming soon

In the future, there is a rumored update for Minecraft, sure to scare the SHIZZ OUT YA BUNGHOLE! (i need tp btw). It’s not that scary, but it has some cool additions to everything, from decoration to the sounds of Minecraft itself.

The sounds for footsteps on these blocks have changed, but I do not know of what type, because i have not played the snapshot as of late; Sand, Gravel, Soulsand, Grass Block, and Stone

These animals have had a new sound added to their roulette of possible sounds;Cow, Pigs, Enderman, Zombie, and Skeleton

Ladders now have a sound for climbing up them.

Flint and Steel and Shears now have sounds when you use them.

Lava and Water have a constant sound now. Ever been annoyed by running water? No? Now you are screwed.

New Mob: Bat (passive) 

New RARE Mob: Witch (Does not spawn naturally, spawn egg exists in creative)

In other news:

Minecon tickets all sold out.

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