Lord of the Rings Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Lord of the Rings is one of the most beloved fantasy universes ever created, so nobody is surprised to discover that there are several Minecraft mods devoted to combining Minecraft with Lord of the Rings.

The aptly-titled Lord of the Rings Mod is one such mod that adds a Middle-earth dimension to the game along with 12 new biomes and a whole whack of exciting gameplay features.

So far, this mod has added the following main features to the game:

-A new Middle-earth dimension

-Over twelve new biomes reflecting different parts of Middle-earth. Each biome comes with unique structures and resources

-New and improved terrain generation which extends as far as layer 255, creating a totally immersive Lord of the Rings exploration experience

-Hundreds of new blocks, ores, foods, tools, and items available for players to use and craft

-Most of the people, races, and civilizations you would expect from the Lord of the Rings universe

-New alignment system that forces players to choose between good and evil

-New gameplay elements which are dependent on the alignment of the player, like the type of trading options available, the types of units available for hire, and a new achievement system

-Multiplayer support has been fully integrated into this mod and you can easily install this mod onto your Minecraft server

Those are just the features as outlined in the mod’s description. At the mod’s wiki page, you can discover the specific items, units, tools, and blocks available, including:

-New structures like the Dwarf House, Dwarven Mine, Gondor Ruins, and Hobbit Hole

-New ores like copper, tin, silver, and, of course, mithril

-New creatures like the Shire Pony, Gondor Ruins Wraith, Mirkwood Spider, and Rohirrim

-New magic items like the Staff of Gandalf the White and the Mithril Ring

-New foods like Ale, Hobbit Pie, Mallorn Nut, Rum, and Wood-Elven mine

This mod has tons of content already, but the mod’s creators aren’t quite done yet. In fact, they’re hardly halfway finished. In the future, the creators of the Lord of the Rings Mod plan to add the following features:

-25 new biomes (including explored regions of Middle-earth like Rhun and Harad)

-Map generation that accurately reflects Tolkien’s version of Middle-earth

-More blocks, items, and races from Middle-earth and the Lord of the Rings universe

-A quest system that sends players on everything from small tasks to epic adventures

-New characters and structures from the Lord of the Rings trilogy storyline

-Boss battles

-Possibly other realms, like Valinor, which lie beyond Middle-earth

As one of the best and most ambitious Lord of the Rings mods available today, this mod has attracted tens of thousands of fans despite being in the early stages of development. If you’re looking for and exciting and surprisingly deep Lord of the Rings/Minecraft experience, then this is certainly a mod to check out.

How to install the Lord of the Rings Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download and install Minecraft Forge

Step 2) Download the latest version of the Lord of the Rings Mod here

Step 3) Copy the mod’s .zip file into the .minecraft/mods folder (if there isn’t a /mods folder, you can create a new one yourself)

Step 4) Run Minecraft, start playing, and enjoy exploring Middle-earth!

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