Loot-filled Desert Village Seed for Minecraft 1.8

As the title implies, this week we’re going to feature a desert village seed filled with precious loot including diamonds!

The seed is:


Discovered by username BOTCH, this awesome seed will spawn in the outskirts of a desert biome facing the edges of a Savannah. The spawn features many good areas to start your normal minecraft life, but just a few chunks away from it and you can see a desert village.

In order to see the village, I suggest going on top on one of the hills or simply boosting up your render distance to spot the village.


Unlike other villages, this one is special as it has a desert temple right inside the village’s premises and a desert well – which in itself is a tiny ruin to discover.

The village size isn’t small too as it features multiple farms and a blacksmith building. Plundering the village blacksmith and the desert temple (after you have avoided the traps), you’ll find 4 diamonds, a bunch of gold ingots, a couple of iron ingots, an un-craftable saddle, a few emeralds, lots of bones and rotten fleshes, a  pair of iron pants (in case you accidentally shat bricks) and a bread – that is surprisingly still edible.


If you can’t find this village, it is in the coordinates xyz= -219, 69, 312

This seed also rewards those that likes to venture out in the wild and features a few more surprises such as a moderate size village at xyz= 162, 66, 357, and another desert temple at coordinates xyz= 232, 73, 65. Albeit very far, the temple is actually worth visiting as it has a few more wonderful loot as well.

Overall, the presence of the Savannah biome makes the area near the spawn a wonderful place to build on as it features just enough trees to support your building material needs, and animals still wander there and about – just enough to keep you alive.

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