Le Bloc Divin Survival Map for Minecraft 1.8

Le Bloc Divin or “The Divine Block” is a unique survival map where you will try not only to survive but to create the world before you.

Created by Jerdz, the short story goes as:
The god Jerdz (yes the map maker), gave you life and created many materials. But he was too lazy to create a world for you to live in so gave you access to the materials he created and let you create your own world.

Now how is this a survival map? simple, you will try to survive by starting in the middle of emptiness standing only on one block of floating glass.

So how you will survive? simple, use the Minecraft Achievement to earn rewards that will allow you to continue surviving.


If it gets too difficult, you can head over to the God’s shop to access materials by buying, selling, or trading.

There are three types of shop – one for each purpose (i.e. buying, selling, trading) each shop uses the “points” you gained as currency. Whenever you die, you will keep your inventory but lose 10 points.

In this map, the author sited that the Nether is changed to have the same level (if not more) of difficulty as the Overworld, however, the End was not changed as it is already difficult as it is.

Some game rules and surprises:
-You can not steal from the shop.

-Killing monsters, cutting trees, and gathering resources have surprises waiting for you.

This unique survival map is bilingual and is available for both French and English Language.


To play, make sure you have set the command blocks to true as this map relies heavily on command blocks and thus contains more than 500 command blocks all used and set.


How to Install Le Bloc Divin for Minecraft 1.8
Download the map here.

Hold the Windows key and press R to open the Run… dialog, or access it via the start menu.

Type in %appdata% and navigate to .minecraft\saves

Unzip the .zip file from step 1 and place the folder in this directory.

Run the launcher without mods, select single player, and start the game!

Did you find the job fun? Are you able to finish it in an hour?

If you find a bug or has any suggestion, feel free to leave a comment for the author below.

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