Last Days Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

If you’ve ever thought that Minecraft should have more of a post-apocalyptic feel to it, then you’ll like the Last Days Texture Pack. Featuring post-apocalyptic textures, mobs, items, and terrain, Last Days transforms the Minecraft experience and allows players to explore all sorts of cool new environments and features.

This texture pack even comes with its own lore. The first thing the lore mentions is that Last Days is not Fallout. However, it does borrow heavily from the Fallout world. Last Days is styled in the future “as predicted in the American 1950s”, which is very similar to Fallout’s theme. However, the Last Days Texture Pack insists that it is not affiliated or related to Fallout in any way.

For those interested in learning the entire story behind the Last Days Texture Pack, they can read the lore thread here. There’s an entire story filled with dates, times, and characters that many players will find interesting. At the very least, it adds a new layer of depth to the texture pack.

That lore thread also mentions the main biomes included in the texture pack. Biomes include ‘the wastes’, which will be familiar to anybody who’s explored the Fallout world. The waste is filled with bleak, barren terrain that is roamed by gangs of bandits and mutated animals.

The Mushroom is another unique biome. According to the lore, scientists begin trying to protect certain islands from radiation by using a special mushroom. Unfortunately, their tests were unsuccessful. The result? Biomes filled with strange, mutated mushrooms, mobs, and other mysteries to uncover.

Finally, the ‘moon’ biome is the most dangerous type of biome included in the Last Days Texture Pack. The moon is inhabited by mutated scientists and out-of-control robots. Although plans were made to settle the moon before the nuclear apocalypse broke out, the moon shattered into a dangerous debris field.

There are also snow, desert, jungle, and swamp biomes, all of which contain tell-tale traces of ‘the Event’ (which is assumed to be a nuclear apocalypse).

There are several new mobs included in this texture pack, included robots, bandits, mutated scientists, and several other unique creatures. There are also wolves, giant rats, and mutated cow creatures called ‘stonebacks’. New weapons include typical post-apocalypse weapons like a lead pipe, scrap prank, and a cattle prod.

The Last Days Texture Pack adds a whole array of new features into the Minecraft world. There are new mobs to fight, new biomes to explore, and new weapons to use. If you’re interested in bringing a post-apocalyptic world into Minecraft, then this mod is for you.

How to Install the Last Days Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download the Last Days Texture Pack 1.6 from its official forum thread

Step 2) Download and install MCPatcher HD

Step 3) Copy and paste the texture pack .zip file into the .minecraft/texturepacks folder (to find this folder, you may need to search for %appdata% in the Windows search bar)

Step 4) Fire up Minecraft, change your texture pack, then start playing

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