Kimmi’s Christmas Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8

Just like a store over-commercializing holidays by putting out decorations for sale three months in advance, I bring to you today Kimmi’s Christmas Resource Pack, a festive work in progress to celebrate my second favorite holiday!




Surpassed only by Halloween in my mind, Christmas is one of the best times of the year to decorate.  As such, it only makes sense that texture and resource packs for Minecraft are plentiful.  From the second the snow starts falling outside, you can turn your world or server into a winter wonderland with this pack by Kimminess1312.


The paintings alone pictured above are quite festive.  Using webs for christmas lights was a genius idea, and quite creative if I do say so myself – hats off to you, Kimmi.  Since we can already build (or grow) Christmas trees, Christmas presents in the form of chests and double chests round out the central part of this holiday perfectly well.  The white single chests look particularly fancy:




Also note in this screenshot that some blocks are decorated with faint impressions of a Christmas tree.  I love it!  Here are some of the other blocks that are affected:




And of course, doors have cute little wreaths on them:




Once again, this is an early work in progress resource pack; don’t expect it to be near completion if you download it today (9/9/14).  Many of the blocks are still unchanged.  However, some mobs have been converted into adorable festive versions of themselves, such as the Gift Slime:




Imagine a huge herd of little gift slimes bouncing around your Christmas tree!


Enderman has also gotten into the Christmas spirit, donning a festive green and white scarf:




And finally, there are snowmen in the form of creepers (who may not necessarily be good friends with the snow golems), peppermint spiders, Santa Zombies, and Gingerbread Zombies:




My opinion about this pack: it is fairly decent so far, with some creative ideas and some simply cute executions.  It is simple in style, and gives the game an innocent yet festive feeling.


Again, this pack may take some time to come to completion, but Christmas is still a little while off; be sure to check back for updates in the coming months!  I am going to be following this pack, and will most likely decorate my game with it when the season arrives.


Installing Kimmi’s Christmas Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8


  1. Download the latest version of the resource pack here.

  2. Press WindowsKey+R and type %appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks

  3. Unzip the file if it was zipped.

  4. Place the resource pack in this folder.

  5. In Minecraft, go to Options > Resource Packs and select your pack.


What is your favorite holiday themed pack?  With the three biggest holidays of the year (for the United States, at least) approaching, I will definitely be reviewing more holiday themed submissions.  Feel free to recommend some in the comments below!

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