Keno’s Tree Repository Schematics for Minecraft

Of all things that players can build and share amongst each other, trees may very well be one of the most useful.  Kenofox of PlanetMinecraft has created 30 different fantastic trees for players to insert into their world (or simply appreciate).

This is my first time reviewing (and learning about) schematics, so allow me to briefly introduce them.  Schematics are sections of a world extracted manually or by a program that can then be entered into something like MCEdit or WorldEdit to reproduce them.  This is what allows players to place structures and other creations made by other players into their world.


With that out of the way, allow me to show you some of Keno’s incredible work.  First off, easily one of my favorites – trees growing out of the side of mountains:




I’ve seen this done in mods before, but they were done sloppily.  Keno’s work magnificently.  This tree is also high up on my list, mainly because it is more similar to what a tree might actually look like in real life:




The sprawling branches and sheer size of it make this tree a beautiful sight to behold.


Finally, here is a closer shot of the tree repository, showcasing many other designs:




Willow trees are my favorite (middle row, second from the right), which automatically makes this pack awesome.  These trees could be used for anything from building custom forests or biomes on a server to simply sprucing (see what I did there?) up your world.  Keno’s other work is also equally impressive – this is a creator worth supporting, so give this pack a download.


You can access Keno’s Tree Repository here.  I recommend WorldEdit over MCEdit – explore WorldEdit here or stay tuned as I will be reviewing WorldEdit in detail in a couple of days.


Once you’ve downloaded this pack, feel free to share some screenshots of places you’ve made with it in the comments below!

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