Inventory Tweaks Mod for MineCraft


If you desire a mod that would allow you to save your time while playing the Minecraft game, thereby giving you the ability to achieve more in less time, then Inventory Tweaks mod is for you. The Inventory Tweaks mod allows you save time when playing the Minecraft game either in single player mod and multi player mod. The major importance of the Inventory Tweak mod is that it automatically replaces any tools whose characters are broken in the inventory. This way it saves a lot of time of having to replace them yourself.

Furthermore, one of the features of the Inventory Tweak mod is the cool texture pack which a lot of Minecraft game players love to use. The Inventory Tweak mod could help to sort out the inventory and arrange it in such a way that would not be confusing to you. The developers of the Inventory Tweak mod stated that the mod gives you the ability to edit configuration files so as to achieve a different way of organizing your inventory in a way that you prefer. The Inventory Tweak mod is also packed with a lot of shortcuts which also makes it easier to access the features on the mod. This feature thereby makes it faster for  you to play your minecraft game as you could give commands directly from your keyboard to activate features of the Inventory Tweak mod instead of having to start looking for your mouse pointer and using it to click here and there.

By just using a few keys to command, you can easily rearrange the items you have on your inventory including your characters. The Inventory Tweak mod also comes with a lot of hot and interesting features that will give your minecraft game a new experience which is sure to add more fun and ease to you when you are playing the minecraft game.

To install the Inventory Tweak mod, you are expected to download the Inventory Tweak mod software as well as Modloader. Once you have downloaded the file, open your minecraft.jar software and delete the file named META INF. Then you are required to copy your Inventory Tweaks mod and Modloader by dragging it into the .jar and that is it about installing the Inventory Tweak mod. Once this is done, you can open your game and start enjoying your newly installed Inventory Tweak mod.


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