Invasion Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

After all the work you’ve done to build your defenses in Minecraft, it’s a shame that no foreign army ever tries to attack. Sure, your walls and castle moats might fend off the occasional creeper, but you can’t exactly call that an invading force.

That’s something the Invasion Mod for Minecraft seeks to change. This mod is designed to push your defenses to the limits by spawning as many invasion forces as players like. Whether you’re testing out your expertly designed castle walls or just wanting to see how long you can survive, the Invasion Mod is a lot of fun to play around with.

The Invasion Mod works by spawning a force of mobs in a location of the player’s choosing. These mobs are specially designed to attack base defenses and the AI has been revamped to make mob behavior as intelligent as possible. Many of these mobs even have special abilities that make taking down walls as easy as possible.

After choosing where to spawn an invasion force, players decide where to place a ‘Nexus’. The Nexus acts as a beacon for attacking mobs. It’s the spot that they will stop at nothing to capture. Once they’ve captured the Nexus, the enemy mobs will stop and the invasion will be declared a success.

Invasion forces that spawn at night are different from those that spawn during he day. Whether you spawn enemy invasion forces during the night or the day, several tiers of mobs will spawn. Those tiers include zombies, spiders, skeletons, and pig engineers. Some of these mobs – like the zombies – have new abilities that allow them to tear apart your defenses.

There’s also an “unnamed siege mob” that will toss boulders at your walls or structures. It’s an incredibly dangerous weapon that fires rounds approximately every 8 seconds. You’ll want to take out this siege unit as quickly as possible if you want your beloved castle to survive.

To help defend your castle or home or whatever other structure you’re using, the mod includes helpful items like rechargeable traps. There is also a powerful weapon called the ‘Searing Bow’ as well as a Rift Flux and Infused Sword, among other things.

Ready to give your defenses the ultimate test? Check out the Invasion Mod today!

How to install the Invasion Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download and install Minecraft Forge

Step 2) Download the ‘universal’ Invasion Mod 1.6 file from this forum thread

Step 3) Drag and drop the Invasion .zip folder inside the .minecraft/mods folder

Step 4) You’re done! Get ready to test your defenses like never before.

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