Improved Vanilla Textures for Minecraft 1.7 +

Vanilla textures is not the best, but because most mods are designed to fit the vanilla textures, sometimes you have no choice but to use it.

Fortunately there are many resource pack out there that did not stray outside the vanilla premises – and a few of them worked on improving the vanilla textures instead by adding updated features.


MCPatcher is a minecraft tool that allows the game to read and properly render advance texture features and high definition textures. Without this tool, textures won’t display properly and some features will be disabled by default. All high definition resource pack (resolution of 32 x and above) requires to be patched in order to display properly.


Default + Random Mobs


Default + Random Mobs is a resource pack that alters nothing. In fact, on it’s own it adds nothing to the game but many unused textures for mobs. These textures can only be used if you install the Random Mobs mod via the MCPatcher. When properly installed, this resource pack will add variations to most of the vanilla mobs. These variations are texture only and does not affect gameplay in any way.

This resource pack makes default minecraft extra amazing without ruining the vanilla feel. It also makes fighting mobs more interesting and taming a specific colored dog or cat more exciting.


 Hybrid Resource Pack

Hybrid Resource Pack is your vanilla resources turned into 32 x resolution. Why 32 x? Simple, 16 x is too pixelated and 64 x and above takes too much resources that it may cause lag, but 32 x is just perfect blend of quality and performance.

Aside from that, this resource pack also features custom block animation to some items and objects. In other words, this resource pack is an improvement to the vanilla one.


Vanilla Animation (Vanimation) Resource Pack

This is an amazing resource pack, that will turn the vanilla textures into a whole new living world as it animates most of the things that should be animated in the first place. This includes the grass, ferns, lilies, and more. The best part? No shaders needed! (But you will still need the MCPatcher)

How To Install Resource Packs


  1. Download the latest version of the texture pack (links on their names).

  2. Load Minecraft.

  3. Click on Texture Packs (or Options > Texture Packs).

  4. Click Open Texture Pack Folder OR press WindowsKey+R and type %appdata%\.minecraft\texturepacks

  5. Place the texture pack in this folder and wait until it shows up in your client.

  6. Select the texture pack and click done.

Did you like the resource packs above? What did you like most? share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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