How To Create A Wall-Maker

Tired of always having to repair your wall from the damage made by the creepers? Well create a wall-maker and worry no more!

The device we are about to show you goes by many names: Wall Maker, Automatic Wall Generator, Stone Generator, Regenerating Wall, Self-building wall, Self-repairing wall, and so on. It also comes with many design variation and model. But it’s function and logic remains just the same.

This device requires basic knowledge with redstone, and Minecraft’s lava and water reactions. The structure has many uses from a self repairing wall and regenerating bridges to fully-automated room builders.

Below we have instructions and tutorial on the most basic concept and design which players can follow and improvise as they see fit. Follow the images provided for reference.



Step 1

Dig a deep hole in the ground. The depth should somewhere be around 5 blocks and the length should be as long as you want the wall to be. Then add a line of pistons (all facing up) on the bottom of the hole.



Step 2

Dig one block deeper at the sides of the piston and connect the block below the piston to a line of redstone torches.



Step 3

Create a redstone clock under ground and connect it to the redstone repeaters under the pistons.



Step 4

Connect the redstone clock to a control switch on the surface.



Step 5

Place water and lava on the sides of the piston. The lava should be a level higher so that it won’t turn into obsidian. Experiment the position so that cobblestone will generate at the top of the piston.



Step 6

Cover the contraption and wait for the device to generate the wall.


And you are done! The wall will repair itself when damage as it will create its own supply of cobblestone.


Did you find this tutorial helpful? Submit a sample of your creation and design by leaving a comment below!



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