How To Create A Player Launcher

Playing with TNTs is dangerous, but it could be a lot of fun especially when used more than just being destructive.

When submerged on water, TNT will be unable to break any block and instead only explodes to deal entity damage and push back – a lot of push back.

When a lot of submerged TNTs are used, entities can  get pushed very far which will be the basic concept of the player launcher contraption.

Player Launcher is redstone contraption that uses a lot of TNTs. The purpose of this contraption is to launch players relatively high at a relatively fast paced. This can be used for many things, one example is as an elevator to access a sky base and a lot of others.

To create your own player launcher is simple.

1. Create a 9 x 9 hole on the floor and place dispensers on the side pointing up.



2. Connect all dispensers to single line of redstone. When using redstone repeaters, make sure that all ticks are the same for all dispensers.



3. Cover the redstone wiring and circuits with stone and place a redstone source (in this case – a lever) on the surface block.



4. Place fence in the center of the dispensers and fill each dispensers with a lot of TNTs.



5. Now add water above the dispensers and place a pressure plate on the center above the fence.



You are done! You have now created a simple yet useful Player Launcher. To use it, the player should equip an armor to avoid dying and stand in the middle of the dispensers and on top of the pressure plate. The player (or someone else) should activate the redstone source through lever or button. Once activated, 8 primed TNTs will spawn around the player. Once they explode the player will be blasted off in the air for hundreds of blocks.



This contraption also works on animals and other mobs too!



Did you find this tutorial helpful? Send a picture of your variation and by leaving a comment below.




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