How to Create a Christmas Tree with Blinking Lights

Christmas is almost here, have you decorated your own Christmas tree?

Today we’re going to show you how to create your own Christmas tree with  functional Christmas lights.

1. Dig a square hole in the ground, the whole should be at least 2 blocks deep and have a dimension of 4 x 4. You need to create a redstone clock inside the hole. You may use your own design or follow the steps below.



2. Place 4 solid blocks on the corners of the whole.


3. Place a Redstone torch on all the four blocks on a counter clock wise manner and place Redstone repeater (max tick) in front of each Redstone torch


4. Place a Redstone torch above one of the corner blocks.


5. Cover the Redstone clock by patching the hole.


6. From the Redstone block, create a Redstone torch tower by adding 5 Redstone torch blocks on top of each other.


7. Cover the first Redstone torch with 4 leaves to hide it from plain sight.


8. On the second layer of the Redstone torch block, create a diamond platform using green wool, and add leaves on the sides of the platform.


9. Add Redstone lamps on the four sides of the platform and connect them to the Redstone torch. Place leaves around the platform,


10.  Create a smaller platform on top.


11. Add 4 Redstone lamps and connect them to the Redstone torch in the middle.




12. Now cover the gaps with leaves and create an even lower platform on top.


13. Add another 4 Redstone lamps connected to the center Redstone torch.


14. Cover the top with leaves and replace the final Redstone torch with a Beacon or a chosen “star” decor.


15. Add some decorations and personalize the tree as you see fit.


Done! With this you’ll have a well decorated Christmas tree with blinking Redstone lamps around it – just like the real Christmas lights! Happy holidays!


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