How To Change Minecraft’s Allocated Memory

Minecraft is a voxel-based game that runs on a Java platform. Because of this, the game has many limitations, but can be modified just as much.

One particular thing you can change in the game, is the memory the Java application uses while playing. Changing this alters the performance of your Minecraft game, especially if you are running several mods at once.


When in game, pressing “F3” will show you a couple of details regarding your game. Once is the player’s position, where he is facing, how many mods installed and other details. On the upper right corner of the screen there is also the used memory and allocated memory which we will discuss.


What’s the difference between Allocated Memory and Used Memory?

Allocated Memory is simply the RAM that the game reserves from the system – this reserve memory cannot be used by any other program except Minecraft. The Used Memory is the actual RAM that the Minecraft game used and should be below the allocated Memory. A lot of memory also goes to the processing video card where most of the performance based on.

Why Should I Allocate More Memory to My Minecraft?

Basically, allocating more RAM does not mean you are increasing it’s performance. It simply means you are giving it more space to move. This is particularly useful when using resource pack that has high definition, using mods, and increasing map rebuild.

How To Allocate More Memory?

First of all, this is for Minecraft windows /Java version – and thus it requires you to have a full Java version.



Before anything else you should check your free memory. Do so by going to the Task Manager > Performance and check the “Free Physical Memory”.


Now open your Minecraft Launcher and edit your profile.


On the new window that pops up, look to the lower left corner and check the box JVM Arguments.

On the box provided, type in “-Xmx(N)G” where N is the number of RAM by Gig you want to allocate, or  “-Xmx(N)M” where N is the number of Ram by Megabytes you want to allocate.

For example. -Xmx1G means I am allocating 1 gigabyte of ram on my Minecraft. Hit save profile and you’re done!

By doing this you will now allocate more memory to your Minecraft! Happy Playing!



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