Hostile Desert Village Seed for Minecraft 1.6.X

Today we’re going to feature a unique Minecraft seed that existed back on Minecraft version 1.6.x. This seed has a desert NPC village filled with hostilities and surprises.

The seed is:


 In this seed, you will spawn in the premise of a huge desert that generates a unique NPC village right near it.

Going to the NPC village and you will find 8 houses – sadly no blacksmith. This unique NPC village features a pyramid structure with half of its structure sunken deep into the desert sands and two surface spider dungeons linked together!


The two dungeons exist overlapping the village area and the pyramid itself – featuring some passageways inside the pyramid. The dungeons and the pyramid itself has some nice loot for starting up the early game – but battling a bunch of spiders might be a little troublesome so it’s best to explore it at day time for free stuffs.


The desert itself is wide and doesn’t feature any hills and dunes making it good for building. Next to the desert are some sweet plain biomes good for building huge structuers and a lovely patch of jungle biome surrounding a crescent beach that would be perfect for some swimming or creating a small port.

In case you miss all the fun this seed has to offer, teleport yourself to the coordinates xyz = -400 80 280.

Survival wise, this seed is amazing. You got a lot of potential spots to build epic structures, some nice loot to kick start on your adventure. The only down side are the natural trees that are far from the village – but you can always re plant somewhere near so no worries.

So if you’re still playing the old Minecraft version because of the mods you used – why not try this seed out? If you have any comments and suggestions, feel free to leave a message below.



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