Hide and Seek Mini Game Map for Minecraft 1.8

Do you love playing hide and seek in Minecraft? Well try out this wonderful mini game map!

Created by Rocky618, This mini game map features an instant multiplayer hide and seek action with just a press of a button.


Of course this multiplayer map requires two or more (2+) players, and they need to press the “reset” button first before starting the game.


This mini game map features multiple levels that are automatically set up for players to hide. The map also has other features including objectives, taunting, deaths, timing, random maps, and many more.


The objective of the game is pretty much the same as the known game of the same title, in which the seeker needs to find all the hidden players. To be more specific here are the roles of each player.



Seeker: The goal of the seeker is to find other players that are hiding and kill them.

Hiders: The goal of the hiders (hidden players), is to avoid the seeker for 6 minutes.

When 6 minutes have passed, then the remaining hiders will be victorious, consecutively, if all hiders are found, then the seeker wins the match.



To start the game, all hiders must go and stand on top of red clay blocks. Then the seeker must stand on the blue clay block. When everyone is in there position, the seeker, must press the reset button found on the blue clay.


The gameplay might be simple, and the game can be played without the map, but this map enhances the game and makes it server ready. It also uses commands and features some additional game enhances that makes the game even more challenging and fun. Overall, I recommend this map if you like to play in LAN with your friend or family, or if you have a multiplayer server that focuses on mini games.


How to Install Hide and Seek Mini Game Map for Minecraft 1.8
Download the map here.

Hold the Windows key and press R to open the Run… dialog, or access it via the start menu.

Type in %appdata% and navigate to .minecraft\saves

Unzip the .zip file from step 1 and place the folder in this directory.

Run the launcher without mods, select single player, and start the game!


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