Halloween Charity Skin Pack Released on Xbox 360

Want to enhance the appearance of Minecraft while donating to a good cause? Mojang can help. Today, Mojang released a series of Halloween skins that are available for download from Xbox Live.

These skins come in the usual flavours: there is a skeleton, a couple guys wearing pumpkin heads, and a mummy. But what makes these skins unique is that all the proceeds will go towards charity.

The proceeds from the skin pack are split between Mojang, 4j Studios, and Microsoft, and all three companies have chosen different charities. Mojang chose the Block by Block project, which helps the United Nations rebuild communities around the world.

Since the skin pack is only 160MSP (about $2), it’s not a lot to give. But if you want to feel better about your gaming habit and receive some good karma heading your way, you can download the Halloween Charity Skin Pack here.

Minecraft Skin Studio

This announcement comes just days after Mojang.com announced the Minecraft Skin Studio, which is actually far less gruesome than it sounds. No, the Minecraft Skin Studio is not some creepy basement inside Mojang HQ. Instead, it’s a new app for iOS that allows players to easily create and rate Minecraft skins from the comfort of their mobile device.

Minecraft Skin Studio was made by a company called 57 Digital, not Mojang. Mojang only rarely approves Minecraft apps from third-party companies, so you know that this app is of a high level of quality. You can download the Minecraft Skin Studio for $1.99 at the iTunes store here.

Oh, and if you’re wondering which other third-party apps Mojang has approved over the years, they’ve only approved two others: Minecraft Explorer Pro and Minecraft Seeds Pro.

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