GPowertool Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.10

Server owners rejoice – DigitalSniperz (coding) and FrostedSnowman (ideas) introduce to us a plugin that allows you to attach any global command to any item or block in the game world!  Behold the glory that is GPowertool.


If you are not running a server, this plugin may seem confusing to you.  There are three commands in this plugin:


  1. /gpowertool set <itemID> <command>

  2. /gpowertool check <itemID>

  3. /gpowertool remove <itemID>


The first command is used to set the property for a specific item.  The command must be recognized by your server and can be custom commands, such as fireballs or the kitty cannon as shown at the end of the video which I will post below.


When adding a command, do not include the / character.  An example of a proper execution is:


/gpowertool set 268 kill


This command causes any wooden sword (ID 268) to slay its owner upon use.


The second command is used to check what command is assigned to a certain item.  This is simple and straightforward and particularly useful when creating many custom items (especially if you have so many that you forgot the purpose of one!).


The third command simply removes the commands from the specified item.


To see this plugin in action, and a sped-up recording of it actually being developed, watch this video:



(skip to the last couple of minutes to see in-game footage)


How to Install GPowertool Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.10


  1. Download the latest version of the GPowertool plugin.

  2. Place the .jar file from step 1 into your game or server’s plugins directory.

  3. Run the game or server and wait for it to fully load.

  4. Restart your Minecraft game or server, or login to your admin account and execute the /reload command.

  5. Run the server or enter a world again.  The plugin should be properly loaded.


Using this plugin on your server opens up a wide range of new interesting possibilities for customizing items and blocks.  What interesting uses can you think of for it?  Post them in the comments below!

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