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Mods are wonderful.  They are loads of fun and make Minecraft a much more interesting game.  However, sometimes dealing with switching between mod packs can be annoying and ultimately limiting.  Additionally, getting less computer-savvy people into mods can be tough.  User Knight65 has graced us with a simple and clean Forge Mod Manager to address these issues.


There have been a few tools like this before – some of which had debilitating issues, and others which are much more robust.  I particularly like this one because it is simple, performs its intended task gracefully and without hindrance, and is easy to understand.


The interface is simple:




The first field shows the directory of the game.  This is extremely important to have set correctly.  If this is not your first time using the tool, it should be set properly.  Otherwise, read the setup instructions at the end of this post.


Second is a field to add a new mod profile.  Mod profiles are, simply put, quick ways to switch between packs of mods.  These can be extremely useful when switching between single player or LAN worlds that have different mods to cater to different players.


For example – my girlfriend and I prefer to play with more building and customization oriented mods, while my Minecraft bestie and I prefer to embark on epic and dangerous journeys.  As such, we play with different mods.  Profiles can be selected in the third field.


The two large boxes are lists of mods.  Just as the text states, the box on the left will contain a full list of all currently used mods in the selected profile, while the box on the right contains a list of all mods currently in the Minecraft mods folder.  The double arrow button will put all mods in the selected profile into the mods folder.  Keep in mind that this WILL delete any pre-existing mods in that folder.


And that’s all there is to it!  See?  Simple and easy to use.


Forge Mod Manager Installation and Setup


  1. Download the tool from this page.

  2. Unzip the file and run setup.exe; follow the instructions on-screen to set up the tool.

  3. Run the program.  If it gives you an error, click continue; this is simply because it was preconfigured to use the wrong directory for Minecraft.  You can set it properly by checking the box marked “change” and putting in the correct directory.  If you had to do this, restart the program.

  4. Type a profile name and click “add profile” – this generates an informational file in your Documents folder within the Forge Mod Manager folder that was created during setup.


With that, you are ready to start making mod profiles.  You can share these profiles with other players by going to the folder mentioned in step 4 – perfect for getting your friends and family set up with the program to easily switch between mod packs.


Before this, my system for switching between packs of mods was to simply create various folders containing said packs and manually swap them out when necessary.  This is of course tedious, and requires lots of unnecessary fishing through folders.  Do you find this tool useful?  Why or why not?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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