Floating Island and Cool Mountain Seed for Minecraft 1.8

Floating Islands are rare Minecraft terrain that are generated randomly.

Because Minecraft doesn’t have a biome that supports floating terrain, these “floating” chunk of dirt and stone are treasured for their rarity, beauty, and creativity.

The seed for this week is:


This seed is for Minecraft 1.8 and above and features cool looking mountains and some floating chunk of earth. The floating earth is shaped like a shard of glass with a water spewing on one side making a water fall – making it look similar to fantasy scenes.


In this seed, you will spawn in the edge of the jungle biome which seems to be small, but expands way more at the back. The jungle biome will be cut by a long twisting river and on the other side is a gorgeous mountain region that expands way above cloud level.


On that mountain you will see one shard looking island that floats near the mountain side with a water fall on its side.


The mountain itself is very challenging to climb and features widely separated trees and many steep slopes. It also has a lot of canopy and sudden pits.


Most part of the mountain is also above cloud-level with a decent flat surface on the top perfect for creating watch towers but may not be big enough for castles and other large structures.


The mountain itself covers a lot of chunks and features some few more floating islands near by. But on the other side of the mountain is almost a whole new environment.


On the other side is a nice perky forest and a wide plain that is perfect for founding a village.


There is also deep a ravine in the center that is separated by a river that features many ores and resources.

Overall, this seed is good. It may not be the best floating island seed out there, but I see a lot of potential on this seed – especially for fantasy RPG maps. It might be worth a try.

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