First Minecraft 1.7 Snapshot 13w36a Released!

Big news today for Minecraft players! The long-awaited first snapshot for Minecraft 1.7 has been released. It’s been a long time since the 1.62 upgrade and it looks like Mojang is finally ready to improve the game and fix some bugs.

The Minecraft 1.7 update brings…secrets. In Mojang’s official release statement for the snapshot, they refused to tell players what, exactly, was new:

“What’s new, you ask? I don’t know! You tell me! We’re keeping this one a secret for now, but please report anything that you think is not an intended feature to our bug tracker.”

Fortunately, a number of the changes are easy to notice from the moment you step into Minecraft 1.7. Here are some of the changes was able to spot after a brief time in-game with Minecraft 1.7:

-A lot of new flowers , including the poppy, blue orchid, azure bluet, red tulip, white tulip, orange tulip, allium, pink tulip, and oxeye daisy


-Three new types of grass/shrubbery, including double tallgrass, large fern, and rose bush

-Snow will now be found at higher elevations on biomes


-A new biome which appears to be a dense mushroom forest

-A new biome which resembles the African savannah


-A new biome which features orange-hued mountains, maybe I’d call it ‘tablelands’?


-New biome variants, like the birch forest and flowered forest variants

-Biomes now feature gorges, which are sharp and steep valleys


-New fish, including a regular fish, salmon, clownfish, and pufferfish (yes, you will be able to find Nemo in Minecraft 1.7)

-The fishing system has also been reworked to be more fun and not as frustrating

-Falling now produces particle effects when landing

-Spikes of ice now appear on ice plains/cold biomes

ice spikes

Courtesy for most screenshots goes to Reddit member c_will who has clearly spent more time playing Minecraft 1.7 than I have.

The update appears to be pretty sizable and the initial reaction of players is positive. It looks like there are a number of cool new biome generation features that will change the way your world looks. Of course, the release has only been out for 2 hours so more features will likely be discovered over the coming days.

The first snapshot for Minecraft 1.7 is officially called 13w36a. We don’t know when the full version of Minecraft 1.7 will be released, but it should be out before the end of this month (September).

If you want to install snapshot 13w36a, you can click here to download the server files and Windows EXE files. Mojang is urging players not to run the snapshot on an existing world if they want the landscape to stay pretty. This could result in chunky borders that “don’t look pretty at all. I’d ever go as far as to call them ugly.”

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