Fez Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2

Behold: SR2610’s Fez mod!  If all this mod added to the game was the ability to wear a fez, I would absolutely still download it.  It adds one functional item, plus three more aesthetic items, all wearable by the player.  It was made in celebration of the 50th anniversary for the television series Doctor Who.


Basically, one’s level of fanciness depends almost exclusively on whether or not he or she is wearing a fez.  Observe:




Fancy, yes?  It is also rather simple to craft, only requiring two gold ingots and four pieces of red wool:




Considering that it is actually a functional item, this is extremely cheap.  When wearing the fez, if you are brought down to at most one heart of heath, the fez will be destroyed and you will be fully regenerated.  You should, sometime after, properly mourn the loss of your beloved fez.


This mod also adds another headwear item: the stetson.




While this hat does not have any usable properties, it is comparable in snazziness to the fez and is even cheaper to craft:




Next on the list is the bowtie.  It’s a simple addition to one’s attire, but it can really provide just the right contrast to make you look professional and serious.  Maybe.




This is made of seven pieces of red wool:




And finally, the scarf is a colorful way to keep your neck and face warm whilst traversing snowy or mountain biomes:




This scarf requires three different types of wool:




Even if you are not a Doctor Who fan, you have to admit that scarf is awesome.  If you enjoy looking fancy in the least, definitely give this mod a try.


How to install the Fez mod for Minecraft 1.7.2


  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge mod loader

  2. Download the latest version of the Fez mod from Curse Forge.

  3. Hold Windows key and press R to open the Run… dialog, or go to Start > Run.

  4. Enter %appdata% and navigate to your .minecraft/mods folder.

  5. Drag and drop the .zip file downloaded in step 2 into this folder.


If you could add any clothing item or accessory from any movie or television show, what would it be?  Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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