Fantasy Mountain Seed for Minecraftm 1.8

This week’s seed is jaw-droppingly amazing that it looks like something that came out of a fantasy world.

The Minecraft 1.8 Seed is:


This seed will spawn you in the middle of a Savannah M biome at only a few blocks below the cloud line. The Savannah M biome is both massive and at a very high altitude.

The mountain structures and terrain are terrifyingly beautiful. The mountain is surrounded mostly by water and some parts continue to the main land.

Some canopies are too huge that hostile mobs spawn all over it. There are plenty of dangerous areas to fall into.

2014-11-20_17.50.18 2014-11-20_17.50.39  2014-11-20_17.52.01  2014-11-20_17.52.31

The mountain is also covered with lots of waterfalls – some epic looking, that goes from the very top to all the way down the ocean.


There are also some hidden entrances towards enclosed areas with lava falls and water falls. Some caves go around the mountain, while others can go deeper under the ground.

The highest peak of the mountain is right in front of the spawn, and it features a scenic almost-skyblock savannah experience at the top.

 As if the Savannah are not scenic enough, these trees tend to grow on places that perfectly fits it.

Outside the area of the spawn is mostly water, but some parts are interesting as well. There are plenty of mountains that go down to sea level and straight up to the cloud level, there are plenty of beaches and deserts, and much more. Plain biomes is far away from the spawn point, making normal life a bit difficult.

Survival-wise, this seed is hard to survive with, especially if you are  bad at mountain climbing, as most trees are on top of those big chunk of rocks.

Due to the size of the seed and Minecraft 1.8’s chunk rendering bug, I haven’t been able to explore much.  But based on what I’ve seen, this is one epic seed that looks like a mild version of the experimental extreme seed generation.

If you have a similar seed or found something interesting on this one, let us know in the comments.

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