Enchanted Golden Apples Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.7.10

This mod is genius.  Pure, pesticide-free, nutritional genius.  Enchanted golden apples have always been useful, but with this mod by Darty11, they are even more practical.


Essentially, with this mod you can enchant golden apples in the same way you would enchant equipment to create food items that act like better potions.




The recipe to create the basic apple is changed back to using eight gold nuggets, making the mod far more accessible than it would have been otherwise.


Enchanting an apple will provide up to four levels of up to four enchantments, depending on the level of the enchantment selected and the player’s level at the time.




Pictured in the above screenshot are the following:

  • Lengthening: extends the time that each enchantment lasts without dampening its effect
  • Toughening: decreases incoming damage from all sources
  • Robustness: adds to the player’s maximum health
  • Healing: instantly heals the player

Note that healing is different from regeneration, which is both another available enchantment and an inherent property of all golden apples.  The inherent properties of golden apples do not stack with enchantments, however; it is one or the other.  The three other available enchantments not listed here Regeneration, Fire Resistance, and Absorption.


These apples serve as great battle preparations, life-saving snacks, or just convenient adventuring aids.  Below are some ideas for uses of these awesome apples:

  • Supermarket – the developer has stated that he plans on allowing enchantments for all food.  Server owners could create supermarkets where players buy different types of food with controlled enchantments.
  • Witch – put on a Witch skin and hand out enchanted golden apples next Halloween!
  • Investing – how many times have you hit level 30, only to get shot into lava by a skeleton?  Enchant a golden apple to invest your experience into something useful.


Download Enchanted Golden Apples here. What would you use this mod for?  Let us know in a comment!

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